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Safeway (Vons) adds its own Gluten Free food line

October 9, 2013 by  
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safewaySafeway (Vons in some locations) is adding its own line of Certified Gluten Free mixes and products called Eating Right for Gluten Free. They have cake mixes, bars, cookies, pasta meal mixes and more. Look for a display like this coming to your local store.


24 Responses to “Safeway (Vons) adds its own Gluten Free food line”
  1. BisbeeTam says:

    Usually I’m excited about great new GF finds, but this time I have to announce a “dud.” I was delighted to see Safeway’s “Eating Right” brand had made a GF pasta (corn & rice)! The price was pretty good so I bought a few packages. This stuff is out and out AWFUL! The second it hit the boiling water it stuck together in huge clumps. All attempts at separation were ultimately futile. Also, there was SO much corn starch coming off the pasta as it cooked that it almost instantly turned the water into a gummy mess. After I rinsed it really good, the texture and flavor was just “ok.” Reheating the leftovers for lunch the next day? Let’s not even go there. yuk. It broke up into tiny gummy pieces. I will always stick with my favorite – Tinkyada – even if it’s a little harder to find.

  2. Carol Cloepfil says:

    So happy to see gluten free safeway brand products. I tried tne devils food cake mix,it was great . Moist and full of flavor.

  3. Thank you safeway for your gluten free line. Devils food cake mix is great,!!

  4. Kim says:

    I made the chocolate chip cookies and have to say they were fantastic! I seriously thought I was eating a premium brand cookie. The chocolate chips are really good quality and the package was loaded with them. I was so shocked. I expect the price to rise after a while. The cookie was moist, chewy and tender and I only used 6 tablespoons of margarine instead of 8, as the directions stated.

    I bought the brownies also, but have yet to try them. I wanted to try the buckwheat pasta but didn’t have the money. I usually eat the Tinkyada pasta as well, but I wanted to try this brand. I also want to try the shortbread cookies.

  5. Jay says:

    I am both happy and very proud of Safeway’s large and diverse line of in-store brands. A gluten-free line is very intelligent on their part, and I think there is a definite market for this, a market that will continue to grow at a rapid rate for some time. To the person who complained about Safeway’s gluten-free eating right pasta: It is the exact same as the Italian company Barilla’s gluten-free pasta. Exact same ingredients, exact same size of noodles, exact same number of servings per package, exact same calories per serving, and almost the exact same price, albeit slightly cheaper. Barilla is the largest pasta maker in the world, and is the most popular pasta brand in Italy, so when you consider that Safeway’s version of gluten-free pasta is the same as the world’s largest pasta company (and may even be made by them since it says directly on the package “imported from Italy”), then they are obviously doing something correctly. I mean, you may or may not like corn-based gluten free pastas, but it would seem quite unlikely that a large proportion of people would feel the same way as the person who gave such a poor review, given the widespread use and popularity of that kind of pasta. Of course, the easiest thing to do is to try it for yourself. I personally enjoy corn based gluten-free pasta, as I do rice-based. Perhaps this person cooked it incorrectly. In either case, I have found that you just need to stir it enough when cooking, especially when you first put the noodles in the water.

  6. Cherie says:

    I recently picked up my first few packages of the Eating Right pasta. Best. GF. Pasta. Ever.

    I’ve been GF for 11+ years (celiac disease) and have suffered through countless bowls of mushy and off-putting pasta starting with the nasty brown rice stuff and moving on forward from there. Trust me, 11 years ago there was little GF stuff and what there was was generally just awful.

    Finally corn pasta came out. That was better but always had a weird flavor. Once the potato mix pasta came I thought I was finally set. Then I found out I had diabetes and empty starches and high glycemic foods were out. Bummer.

    When I saw the mixed grains products by Eating Right I was excited. Corn, rice, buckwheat, quinoa — what a great combo!

    Pasta does NOT stick together in clumps.. not sure what happened with the first commenter’s pot of pasta. This stuff is the bomb. Works great in any application (hot or cold). And on top of that, it was $2.49/package. That’s almost like getting it for free! I’m so used to paying $5+ for a box of pasta.

    Anyway, I’m thrilled and love the stuff :)

  7. Patsy Emery says:

    My favorite…The GF Risotto; have tried several brands but the Eating Right is one the best.

  8. Erin says:

    The GF pasta is by far my favorite pasta. I’ve never had a problem cooking it and it always stays firm for me. I tried the buckwheat pasta tonight for the first time and it was also fantastic.

  9. Claudia says:

    I have tried the yellow cake mix, the shortbread cookies and most of the frozen dinners. They are all wonderful and highly superior to all of the others I have found after trying numerous ones over a period of 5 years. I can actually say that most people would not be able to tell the difference between these gluten free items and other products that are not gluten free. I can’t wait to try all of the other options that belong to this brand.

  10. I have celiacs. I find the gluten free products, tasty, easy, and affordable.!!! Love the frozen food line! Thank you safeway.

  11. olivia bartley says:

    I bought some of the corn and rice pasta today, and yet to try it. I’ve been searching online and haven’t found anything, but does anyone know if it’s made with non gmo corn and rice?

  12. Anna says:

    The shortbread cookies are truly delicious! This is the only brand of GF shortbread cookies I have found anywhere. I am in love!

  13. Their GF Mac & cheese is excellent! I do lift it up
    A bit by adding extra GF macaroni (Quinoa).
    I would bet it’s just Velveeta and gf Mac. It is good
    though. A bit costly but I get a much larger yield by
    adding extra.

  14. David says:

    I have the Gluten Free cake mix. Does anyone know how long to cook cupcakes vs the 9×9 cake pan.


  15. Kareb K. says:

    I was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and have changed my eating habits drastically. I have always favored Safeway, partly because I worked there. I was stoked to see the Gluten-free line from Eating Right. But after trying several of the products, I am only disappointed. The risotto was horrible, and incredibly salty. The cookies were mediocre at best. I am not going to purchase any more products, I think I am better off going without, or attempting recipes on my own.

  16. Julie J says:

    The corn, quinoa, and buckwheat penne pastas were good. Didn’t get mushy while cooking like some gluten free pastas do. Unfortunately, during our last shopping trip all the Eating Right for Gluten Free products are gone from our local Safeway. Store staff said that they didn’t sell very much of it. That’s really too bad. I will miss that pasta….

  17. Tracey B says:

    I’ve been eating GF for several years with lots of trial and error when it comes to trying gluten free products. I have to say that all of the products I have tried in this line are excellent!! Great taste, texture and quality. The mac and cheese is the closest to Kraft Mac n cheese (my kid’s favorite)that I’ve been able to find. All of the pastas are great as well as the Roasted Garlic & Herb Risotto. I made the sugar cookies and they were fabulous. The next time I made them I rolled them in cinnamon and sugar and they tasted just like Snicker Doodles. Tonight I made the brownie mix and they were awesome! Rich and chewy with the thin crispy crust. Love this new line Safeway. Two thumbs up! :)

  18. Tracey B says:

    One more thing…… Our Safeway store just added Glutino’s English Muffins. Look for them in the in the freezer case. They are the best I’ve found. :)

  19. M J Miller says:

    Friends served Eating Eight for GF mullti grain with seed and nuts that they bought on Santa Rosa. EXCELLENT. so excited until I tried to buy it locally in Redwood City/Menlo Park. White bread available but no nut and seeds. Have been to 3 Safeways. Can this be ordered on-line???

  20. Maxie says:

    Just tried Eating Right GF Seeds & Grains bread & love it. It’s the best, tastes like regular great bread. Found it once locally, but not today. Canyon Bakehouse hamburger buns are still the best bun I’ve tried.

  21. Alejandra says:

    Has Safeway discontinued this line? I loved the products but suddenly the display in the store has disappeared and I can’t find the products anywhere else in the store. Please tell me Eating Right for Gluten Free is still available!

  22. Tae says:

    Safeway staff tol me today they discontinued this line of gf foods. So sad. Their muffins were the only ones my daughter would eat. Sad that with all the gf options and awareness that they’d discontinue such a good brand.

  23. Sally Ochsner says:

    Safeway staffer here in Colorado told me last week that many changes in product lines are on the way, as Albertson’s begins making its presence felt. I’m going back to buy what’s left of those GF products on the shelves before they disappear.

  24. Patti Fontaine says:

    My fiancé and I love your GF baking mix! Finally, a gluten free baking mix that actually makes biscuits that are virtually the same as Bisquick biscuits if not better!

    Thank you!

    Patti F.

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