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New Pillsbury Gluten Free Dough

May 9, 2013 by  
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Pillsbury is offering three new gluten free refrigerated dough options in tubs in your grocer’s refrigerator case.

The ingredients aren’t listed on their site, and I haven’t found them yet in the store locally, but one quick look at the Pillsbury online gluten free recipes will give you a glimpse at how convenient these doughs may be!

Gluten Free Cookie Dough

Gluten Free Pie and Pastry Dough

Gluten Free Thin Pizza Crust Dough

From their Facebook page: “We have a limited national release scheduled for the end of May – and then a wider distribution starting in August. ”

Have you tried them yet? Leave a comment with your thoughts!


66 Responses to “New Pillsbury Gluten Free Dough”
  1. Amy says:

    Convenient….perhaps but I can promise you these will be even worse for your health than their original wheat laden counterparts. Gluten free “substitutes” have to be used VERY VERY sparingly and judiciously. They are denser therefore higher in calories and wreak havoc with insulin levels. This is a highly processed product, probably loaded with transfats like the originals. Don’t get hooked on these….you’ll be sorry and your waistline will remind you of it every time you turn around to look in the mirror.

  2. SilentCal says:

    I just can’t get excited about yet another THIN pizza crust. This just doesn’t push the pizza button for me–I’m sorry–and there is plenty of competition out there. Maybe the benefit is that you could combine a couple of tubs together to make a family-size pie at home…but otherwise…YAWN.

    However–if we bestowed knight-ship on worthy individuals in the US, I would suggest it for anyone who comes out with a widely-distributed THICK yeast-based GF pizza crust!

  3. Pat says:

    I would have to see the ingredients first – to make sure they’re not using GMO ingredients like canola oil or high fructose corn syrup or other less than healthy items.

    Sounds like a great idea, but…..I don’t have a lot of faith in the big commercial brands.

  4. Cathy says:

    I am sure they will come in handy. So sorry to see such negativity. When I was diagnosed there was nothing but garbage out there. We have come a long way and I thank the companies for helping. We all need to eat things like this in moderation, gluten free or not. It is not the fault of Pillsbury. It is yor choice to eat or not.

  5. JenWest says:

    It’s not really evident living in the modern world but when your body rejected gluten, it also rejected the idea of eating foods that would normally be made with gluten products. Bread is considered a staple but it is unnatural for humans, who, the majority of, haven’t changed one iota in DNA from the cavemen we originated from, who had no bread. So just finding substitute items is defeating the purpose of what your body is trying to tell you. For special occasions, no biggie…but people tend to make every day a special occasion…

  6. I think it’s great that a large company is on board with GF products. Regardless of whether you choose to eat them or not, the awareness and support is a good thing.

  7. Melissa Thomas says:

    What a bunch of downers you guys are… I also think it is great that major food companies are getting on board… I have a 11 year old Celiac, who is also growth hormone deficient, bring on the calories !!!! And his smiles when he can be almost like the other kids… :)

  8. Wendy Schwab says:

    AWESOME!!! I am very excited to see that Pillsbury is coming out with some convenient, gluten free options! :) Can’t wait to try them.

  9. Lisa Stiefken says:

    I agree with those who have posted more positive reviews and thoughts. When I was first diagnosed there was NOTHING mainstream for me to eat. I have had to adjust the way I view food in general. What was once a given is now a maybe or occasional choice. It is widely accepted that many foods we have available and eat are not very healthy. Yet, I think the operative word here is “moderation.”

    For those who don’t wish to partake, more power to you, but I think it’s ridiculous and rather selfish to dismiss every offer out of hand because it MAY not meet your ideal standard. Sometimes I just have to do the best I can with what I’ve got and be happy with a lesser thing. However, I agree that there is a ton of redundancy in the gluten free market.

    There are cookies all over the place. I say give me a croissant or a good load of artisan bread instead of all that sugar and chocolate. But then I prefer vanilla anyway.

  10. Jennie says:

    I am so ready for this. I have a Celiac son that is 8. He is by no means heavy and he eats super healthy. But to have cookies that taste like they did before….he is going to feel a little more normal. I just wish all the big companies would follow the lead. Kids should be able to eat normal and adults too if they need the calories.

  11. Sue says:

    When my mom was diagnosed 20 years ago you ate corn one night, rice the next, and potatoes the third night then you started all over again.

    When I was diagnosed you had a few more choices but the not many and the bread tasted like a sponge. So, occasionally having something new is nice.

    Hopefully the ones on insulin have a pump, it is a little easier to control your sugars. You learn to adjust your insulin to carb ratio.

    Whether it is gluten free or not everything is all in moderation. Just having a choice is nice. With the major companies coming on board it makes the cost a little lower because the bigger chains like Wal Mart can carry them. Hope all enjoy.

  12. Mae says:

    Wonderful news! So glad to see more options for those of us who are gluten free…for those who choose not to purchase products, I respect your choice…but many of us “long for” some of the comfort foods that we enjoyed in our “previous life”….we need to remember moderation in all things!

  13. leah says:

    Thank you for the info. I am looking forward to trying these products. I live in a small community…very little access to gluten free food, unless I order online or drive an hour! I have a 10 yr old son who needs to be gluten free. We do try to eat a gluten free healthy diet, however, we have been thrilled with gluten free Bisquick, and the yellow cake from Betty Crocker! When having a play date or spur of the moment party, I can serve “regular” goodies to his friends and they don’t know the difference! So I for one am grateful!!Thanks Pillsbury!

  14. Ginger LaMar says:

    I have to chime in with the positive comments! I agree we have come a long way but this is still exciting for those of us that at times, want something pre-made. I often times will spend 3 hours mixing things up just so I can eat ONE meal. That is precious time away from my family. So kuddos to them for making life a bit more enjoyable. For those not wanting to try this product, that is your right and choice. For those of us that will try them out, I hope we LOVE them :)

  15. Can’t wait to try them!!!

  16. Linda Mintz says:

    Thank you, Pillsbury!

  17. Renee says:

    Funny how they aren’t ‘showing’ their ingredient list. I can’t even do a search and find it! What ‘hidden’ ingredients are in these? What transfats are in them? Is there soy? So many questions! I for one will not recommend them!

  18. Susan W says:

    I’m excited to see these! It’s just my husband and I to cook for and making gluten free meals just to feed 2 people takes a lot of time and planning that I don’t always have. It’s going to be nice to have something available to use in a pinch.

    I’m sorry for those of you who have just put it down from the start. If you have to intention of buying this product why did you even comment? It just takes away any positivity Pillsbury is bring to the rest of us. Not eating these items is a personnal choice so don’t berate those of us who can appreciate the effort of Pillsbury to work with those of us who can’t have gluten in our diet.

  19. Colleen K says:

    Can’t wait to try them. Hopefully they are not cost prohibitive. As far as ingredients, not all of us are concerned. I used to read labels for additives, MSG, etc. Now I pretty much just look for gluten free. Who can afford gluten free and organic? Who had the time to cook from scratch? I work full time and am happy to have any gluten free alternatives that don’t require hours in the kitchen. BTW, I have lost over 20lbs going gluten free. I eat what I want and I’m still losing weight. Don’t listen to the scare stories about high calorie corn pasta and potato starch. The other products taste awful anyway. Corn pasta beats rice pasta by a mile!

  20. Melissa says:

    I try to feed my family very healthy things with not very many additives. However, on occasion before my son’s celiac diagnosis, I enjoyed buying Pillsbury refrigerated crescent roll dough and biscuits. They made for fun treats. I don’t expect these to be healthy or non-GMO. It is Pillsbury; they are not exactly health conscious. i don’t understand the fuss and negativity. What I really like about this is how much easier it makes it for friends and family to make something for my celiac. Maybe we will start getting invited to things again. It also makes it convenient when you are on vacation. I agree with the positive comments; the companies are giving a great effort and for that I say thank you.

  21. Vikki Sherman says:

    I agree with the positive comments. Yes, we all want to and should eat healthier foods on a regular basis. That said, I am a full time working mom with a busy daughter who happens to have celiac. From school potlucks to after school activities, we always bring our own supply of both meals and any treats. If it is Sat., sure I have time to make it. But when traveling or just busy doing the week, a few shortcuts are appreciated. If you are opposed, your vote is counted when you don’t buy it. Seems companies can’t win, we are mad at being excluded from product offerings … Or mad that they are offering something as unhealthy as their gluten filled line.

  22. Emily Detterer says:

    I’m very excited. This will most certainly help those who do not have to follow a gluten free diet to make treats for school parties, etc.

  23. Jay says:

    I am thrilled whenever a new GF product becomes available and can’t wait to try all of these. Thanks Pillsbury!

  24. Sue says:

    I think that it’s great that Pillsbury is joining the chaos. Just like everyone else, I will read the ingredient list and nutritional data before buying. For those who can consume, I hope you enjoy. IMHO, we will never have enough good tasting gluten free products available in mainstream American supermarkets.

  25. Dot McMurtray says:

    I wouldn’t trust anything coming out of this company. Is it made in a dedicated facility? Hahaha, I doubt it.

  26. Debi S says:

    I think the more of the mainstream vendors become involved in gluten free we will all benefit as the prices become more competative. I appreciate Pillsbury joining in.I have never understood why it is such a big deal to “plan” cooking without gluten? If eating gluten makes you feel lousy enough, it is a joy to make foods that make you feel better!

  27. eliz e says:

    For those of us who do not have a choice of whether or not to have gluten in our diet this company is helping! Thank you Pillsbury! Correct that it still needs to be in moderation. However,please do not assume companies are jumping on a bandwagon, this is a real disease. It is a major cause of stomach cancer and esophageal cancer. It is an immune disease and attacks the body to get rid of the invading problem. Hey Pillsbury, please come to SO. CAL. Not only do my son and I have it but my 2 nieces also!!!!!!!!!

  28. Melinda says:

    Hi everyone, for all of you who are complaining about not finding the ingredient list, if you go to the Pillsbury site and look at the gluten free items, next to the picture of the tubs it has a link for nutritional information. Scroll down to the gluten free section, click on the product and all of the ingredients are listed.
    I for one am always happy to see a mainstream brand produce something gluten free! Eat in moderation and enjoy! I can’t wait for these to come to a market near me.

  29. Heather says:

    I for one am excited to see this offered. I love cooking, but there are times it would be nice to just be able to throw something together. Pilsbury is a brand made by the General Mills Company which is also Betty Crocker, Chex cereal, Bisquick etc. so for me I think it would be safe to say that I will trust this product. I do eat healthy most of the time, but there are times I want to have a treat and I think these products will allow me to do just that. I hope I don’t have to wait forever to find them!!

  30. Beth says:

    I haven’t seen these in stores yet but I’m pretty excited to give them a try. My mom has a recipe that my family loves using Pillsbury pastry dough and I can’t wait to find out what the fuss is all about :)

  31. Tammy says:

    Thin Pizza Crust Ingredients: water, modified tapioca starch, Whole sorghum flour, whole millet flour, rice flour, fructose, egg whites, brown sugar, soybean oil, contains 2% or less of salt, extra virgin olive oil, hydrogenated soybean oil, Zanthun gum, Leavening, guar gum, natural and artificial flavor, yeast, autolyzed yeast extract, enzyme

  32. Shanna says:

    THANK YOU PILLSBURY! I love the gluten free cake mixes Betty Crocker has come out with and I am excited to purchase these also. I appreciate the efforts made to provide convenience foods for celiacs like myself. I would be thrilled with some frozen meals to make lunchtime easier also :)

  33. Cindy says:

    I can’t wait till they come to stores in my area. My daughter found it in Wisconsin and she loved it. It will make throwing a meal together after work easier! We love the gluten free Bisquik and Betty Crocker mixes and I intend to try all 3 of these as soon as I can find them.

  34. Cecelia says:

    Well, I just tried this crust. It tastes horrible..worse than Amy’s gluten free $7.99 frozen pizza. I didn’t have high hopes but it isn’t even edible. Sorry gluten-free people…this is not the answer.

  35. Celiac Mommy says:

    I for one am going to try it. I hate all the negativity on here. My 7 year old was diagnosed with Celiac Disease a year ago and it is tough finding substitutions for him. I can’t wait until these products hit the shelves in Utah :)

  36. Sue says:

    Was really excited when I saw this in my grocery store. What a disappointment. It was so bad (and I mean really bad) that we ate just the toppings and threw away the dough. Yuk. I not sure that I would want to try any of the other pre made doughs after. Sorry robe so negative.

  37. joanne says:

    would like to try the refrigerated dough because I have a free coupon but cannot find it in the stores

  38. georgie says:

    I was so excited to try this, well it was a total flop and I try very hard to be positive and try many things. I have the pie crust also and am going to try that next. This would make life more convient and great to have on hand to whip up, but not worth the money.

  39. Carla says:

    I so agree with Georgie, Sue & Cecelia!! I was so excited to try the pizza dough and so very disappointed! It was terrible! I was expecting so much more from Pillsbury. I’m afraid now to try the other products (and I bought two of each because I was expecting to be “wowed” by them). What a waste of money I’m afraid, and I also try to be very positive & appreciate what companies are trying to do to help us, but, this is not it!

  40. Jenilla says:

    My sister used the new Pillsbury Pie crust to make me a GF apple pie for the 4th of July. I haven’t had pie in forever. Pleasantly surprised to find that the GF apple pie tasted just like…apple pie. Yay!

  41. Jennifer says:

    I am sad to report that the pizza dough is pretty bad. The taste isn’t awful, but the texture is rubbery. It didn’t crisp up at all, no matter how thin I made it. I may buy it again once in a blue moon, because the kids are young and don’t seem to know the difference, but I know Pillsbury can do better. Looking forward to trying the other doughs.

  42. I am sorry to hear the pizza dough is not good. Has anyone tried the chocolate chip cookies? I think it is good that more companies are making an effort to offer gluten free options for those that need it.

  43. gary says:

    Please stop with this silly “thank you” to Pillsbury. It’s business, not personal. That’s not a criticism of Pillsbury. If enough customers will buy it, then companies like Pillsbury will create it. And for those who are ready to denigrate the product: READ THE LABEL FIRST, THEN SPEAK. There is ZERO trans fat in the Chocolate chip cookie dough- gluten free. Surprised?

  44. Julie says:

    Many of you want to see the product list… and if this has already been posted forgive me (I didn’t read every post)…
    You can go to and find the list of Nutritional Facts and the ingredients list. It will actually show you a picture of the label of each of the Gluten Free products…
    I am really glad they have come out with this line… I would use these in a pinch…
    I will try as soon as I can find a way to get them locally. I am in Austin TX but at this time there is not a store that has them. Currently looking for a way to mail order but no luck so far… :(

  45. Ms.J Baker says:

    I tried the pie crust and the cookies, the nutrition is awful and the pie crust is a hassle to work with (imagine trying to roll apie crust out of wet sand it crmbles) and the resulting product is not worth it, not like the pies I long for this time of year when the berries and fruits are plentifull. The cookies taste like pillsbury cookies but they are horible for you and not worth the price or the hit on your health. I have the pizza crust in the fridge but I have not made it yet, I dont have great expectations at this point.

  46. Ms.J Baker says:

    Just a quick follow up, I was very excited to see more options available, those of us wth celiac are not going to like every gf product on the market but I do appreciate seeing more main stream companies expanding the gf product lines. I do hope they are made responsibly but I have no reason to believe they are not (and I did not get sick from eating them, I just didnt like them) I was a food snob before diagnosis and would not expect that to change after diagnosis.

    I have found them at kroger and the local spartan market. Try them for yourself and maybe you will be one of the lucky ones who finds them palatable. If you care about your overall health you will likely limit your consumption of highly processed foods anyhow so it will not be a daily staple.

  47. Sandra says:

    The Chocolate Chip Cookies are great! Even my friend thinks so. The pizza crust no as good. Next I am going to make cherry turnovers with the pie crust.

  48. donna says:

    To all the nutritional complainers; get real. would you? We’re talking cookie dough, pizza and pie crust here. There’s no nutritional value in those things anyway, gluten free or not. I just found out a few months ago that I have a wheat allergy. My diet has changed significantly but I’m fine with changing it because I do feel better now that I have. But, I do miss some of the ‘comfort’ foods I used to eat. And, I’m really annoyed at the cost of those gluten free/wheat free ‘comfort’ foods. I’m annoyed at the cost of any gluten free food. If big companies like General Mills start making gluten free products then the prices will have to start being more competitive. I like to eat healthy, but I also like a good cookie or a piece of cake every now and then without having to refinance my house in order to do so. I’m happy to see a major company get onboard. Do I wish they would get rid of the gmos? Yes, I would love that. But, I’m also salivating at the thought of being able to smell the aroma of Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies baking in my oven again and not having to spend half the day baking my own gluten free cookies every time I get the desire for something sweet. The only place I’ve found the dough in Austin, Texas so far is at Randalls and the price mark up was so high that I walked out of the store empty handed. I, for one, will be very happy when the product is offered in more stores here.

  49. Sher says:

    I just tried the pizza dough and we had to throw the whole thing out – expensive ingredients and all- as it was rubbery and the edges got burnt, even though the rest tasted undercooked. Have not been able to find a good gluten free dough mix – the Chebe is not bad, but not like regular pizza. It has a rubbery texture too, though not as bad as the Pillsbury. I have the Bobs Mills mix that I may try.

  50. sharon says:

    I just baked a pie with the Pillsbury crust and was so disappointed. It is so fat-laden that the cookie tin I’d placed under the fruit pie to catch any fruit that boiled over was actually loaded with melted fat. It was chewy not flakey and sat in our stomachs like a lead weight. Won’t try this again, but I’m glad the big companies are trying at least. I’ll stick with my homemade crust that includes buckwheat.

  51. Tim says:

    Ok gang, I have heard plenty of negatives on here and am truly dissapointed. Gluten Free is a way of living/eating so that you dont become ill from what you are eating. Using GF living for dieting purposes is not living Gluten Free, it’s dieting. Dieting by its nature is full of challenges and limitations that go well beyond GF eating. As such, complaining that Pillsbury is using GMO’s, uses too much fat, isn’t making these items as healthy as they can be is totally missing the point. Like Donna said, these are DESERT and PIZZA items! And by the way, for those of you that have tried to make your own GF pie crust, what was the best way to bind that crust so that it didn’t fall apart? FAT! Gluten is a binder. When mixed with water or a soluable it becomes sticky and binds other solids together. When you remove that binder, it must be replaced with something, otherwise you won’t have pie crust, you will have pie crumbles. So if you are going to complain about a product, please at least educate yourself enough to know what you are saying and not spoil it for the rest of us that are extatic about these larger companies at least trying to help those of us out that need to live without that extra binder.

  52. Alison says:

    I tried the Pilsbury GF Pizza Crust last night. I actually found this page by doing a Google search for reviews. I wanted to see if others thought it was as awful as I did, or if maybe it was just me…or maybe there were tips on how to cook it (other than the package directions) that would have made it less awful.

    I greased the pan and my hands as the package said, and didn’t think I used too much, but the crust was super greasy in the end. I’ve had greasy pizza before and not minded it (I mean come on, it’s pizza…), but when you pair it with the dense, chewy, tasteless crust, it was awful. It just sat there on the pan all heavy, then sat there in my stomach all heavy. I’m glad I only made a cheese pizza to try the crust out instead of something with more toppings…that would have been more of a waste.

    Thankfully, I was able to try this on sale and got it pretty cheap (about $2). If I can get it for that price again, I may try it in the future…as long as I can search around and get tips from others who have tried and and found the secret to making it edible.

    Glad the major companies are getting on board and offering choices for those of us who can’t have gluten. I LOVE pizza and would love to be able to throw one together with ready-made dough when time is short. Maybe some day, that will be an option. For now, I’ll stick with Chebe pizza dough mix. It’s the best GF pizza dough I’ve found so far…tastes decent enough, and is easy to work with. Add an extra egg, and it’s even better.

    For those of you complaining about it not being super-healthy, FYI…Pilsbury doesn’t seem to be marketing this under “health food”…nore are they a health food company…they just seem to be marketing it under GLUTEN FREE. Gluten free is not another term for “healthy”…it’s just a term used to describe food that doesn’t have gluten. When you share your reviews, keep that in mind. Now, it’s fine to say it doesn’t fit what you’re personally looking for because you prefer XYZ in your foods overall…but if the company isn’t marketing it as XYZ…oh well. It’s not a failure on their part that it doesn’t meet that criteria.

    So, is it GF? Yes. Does it taste like good? Heck no. So…they’ve got it 50% right.

  53. Danielle says:

    I use the pie crust and i do not make the crust thick and i have learned to not grease the pans
    If its thin it works great an tastes good

  54. Mike says:

    Look, cookies made without flour will never taste like Grandma’s. However, the cookie dough from Pilsbury is not bad at all. And compared to no cookies it’s awesome.

  55. Ponyshoes says:

    Was amazed to see one of the large companies offering gluten free dough. I tried all three varieties. The chocolate chip cookies were OK. Their not Toll House,but tasty enough to be a treat. The pizza dough, was stiff and bland,but makes a great foundation round for an open face sandwich,that flavour can be enhanced with toppings and the pie crust did well as a deep dish cherry pie. I did not find it fatty. The crust favoured the filling flavour and was enjoyable. I do not approach these products as replacments to the wheat products my taste buds, know and love so well. These products are canvases to create gastronomic adventures to help me survive the inflammation reeking havoc on my health. Got to let go of the comfort flavours, this is the ‘re-education of taste buds, like learning to like “Tab”,back in the 70′s. These products are do able with the Added benefit of convenience. Hopefully,will improve in future.

  56. jUSTENE says:


  57. SANDY says:

    My 8 yr old daughter has been Celiac, gluten free for one year and to have her ask me to bye the cookie dough (from pillsbury) after trying already made or homemade is a relief. Its cheaper and easy to make. Anything to make her new life of food choices more tasty and her tummy not unhappy, I’m happy. Thank you

  58. Joyce says:

    I live in Berlin, Maryland. Zip 21811
    Where can I purchase your gluten free refrigerated cookie dough?

  59. Nancy says:

    Joyce- Here’s the Pillsbury facebook page. They should be able to answer you there. ~nancy

  60. Sheila Dutton says:

    What store’s can I find these in. Been looking and haven’t seen it yet. I live in Utah.

  61. Sherri Tull says:

    The cookie dough was ok, but the pie dough was excellent! The pie dough was flaky, didn’t fall apart when cut and was as tasty as any dough. I bought the last one at Kroger, so after trying it, I went to another store and bought their last ones. Please continue selling the pie dough in Houston, TX.

  62. LAURA ROY says:


  63. john says:

    now they make it to sell, where can I find it? tried Stop and Shop, pathmark, A&P and Wegmans, and no one knows about it!

    Anyone have a clue or suggestion?

  64. It is not my first time to pay a quick visit this site, i am
    visiting this site dailly and take nice facts from here daily.

  65. T- says:

    What? When? Where?…. Do you find these products? …In Everett Washington?

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