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Udi’s Gluten Free Hamburger & Hot Dog Buns

May 10, 2011 by  
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Udi’s Gluten Free Hamburger & Hot Dog Buns will begin showing up in a store near you this month and I’m pretty sure you will be thrilled with them! I had the opportunity to get the first taste of the White Buns at Natural Products Expo West and was very impressed. Recently, Udi’s sent me some to try at home.

The soft and fluffy Classic Hamburger & Hot Dog Buns are a new staple in my home. My son has been picking up his favorite In-N-Out Burger, “protein style”, of course, and then placing it happily in his Udi’s Classic Hamburger Bun. It’s every bit as good as any bun out there, and even if you are one of those people who has been using Udi’s bagels for hamburger buns as we have, you will still find these buns a really nice improvement. The proportion is much better than the bagel and they are even softer. They are certified gluten free, dairy free, soy free, & nut free.

I heated them in the oven once and they got a little crispy, so from then on, I microwave them directly from the freezer and they come out perfectly soft with a fresh-baked taste and feel. If you let them sit a while after heating, they go back to being stiff. In that newly heated state, though, they are heavenly. They don’t taste gluten free at all, and that’s saying a lot!

If you only gave me the Udi’s Whole Grain Hamburger Buns (these aren’t available for hot dogs), and told me that these were Udi’s only buns, I’d love them. Since I have the choice, however, my tasters agree that the Classic White Buns are fluffier, tastier, softer, and lighter than the Whole Grain.

Hamburger and hot-dog buns have been the number one product request sent by Udi’s loyal customers for the past year. “More than 61 percent of the new product requests we have received are for the addition of hamburger and hot dog buns to our popular line-up of gluten free baked goods,” said Denise Sirovatka, Vice President of Marketing. “We want our customers to know we are listening to their requests and proud to fulfill this craving for those who have gone too long without the simple joy of a hamburger or hot dog during BBQ season.”

There are a couple of other companies making great Hamburger Buns in addition to Udi’s – Canyon Bakehouse and Rudi’s Gluten Free, but Udi’s are the most widely distributed and easiest to find in your local stores. Click here for their store locator to find out where to get Udi’s products.

Udi’s Gluten Free Foods are available at national grocery stores and retailers and can be purchased online at All of Udi’s baked goods are made in a 100 percent dedicated certified gluten-free bakery located in Denver, Colo., to eliminate and prevent the risk of cross-contamination.

Click the Udi’s link at the right of this article to get $1 off coupon.

Gluten Freeville Product Reviews: Products are either purchased by us or sent to us for sampling. If we don’t LOVE it, you won’t see it reviewed here. No money is ever accepted in exchange for a product review. The sole purpose of our product reviews is to introduce you to great new products we have found as a resource to you, the reader. Note: Udi’s is a Gluten Freeville Advertiser.


12 Responses to “Udi’s Gluten Free Hamburger & Hot Dog Buns”
  1. Vicky S says:

    I bought it already and and finding it to be a bit dry and too thick to eat. It doesn’t smash down to form the Hamburger or Hot Dogs very well. I was expecting too much I think. Thinking it should be like we had before and knowing it won’t be. But the price is what killed me. COME ON!!!! 4 hamburger buns or 6 hot dog at $4.79 each and less weight then the loaf of bread. I hope the price comes down!

  2. Nancy says:

    Vicki- when I heat them in the microwave for a little while, they do smash down and get very soft. I think the Whole Grain ones are a little dry and heavy, but I find the Classic ones to be great.

  3. Sherry Lyon says:

    Where will they be available? I live in very upstate NY. Around Plattsburgh, an hour from Montreal. We have Hannaford and Price Chopper so it is pretty limited as to where I can find my Udi’s. Oh and the North Country Co-op. I really enjoy your breads. So I am anxious to try your rolls.

  4. Suzanne says:

    I really like the new Ud’s buns. So far, I find the best way to use them is to keep them frozen. And right before I’m going to eat one, I take it from the freezer, pull apart the halves, then spread a thin layer of butter, margarine or oil on the inner sides — and “toast” them in a hot pan until the inside is crispy and toasted. Usually this process defrosts them to perfection, and they are like a really great old-fashioned pan-toasted bun from an old-fashioned burger or hotdog joint! I do this in an iron skillet, but I’m sure it can be done in any type of pan. And, whatever the reason, the bread stays very moist and holds together throughout, even with really juicy burgers.

  5. eileen says:

    Where in Vancouver BC or Bellingham usa, can I find these burger and hot dog buns? Thanks….eileen..

  6. Marilyn says:

    I live in Plano Texas and love everythig UDI puts out!!! I cannot even find these hamberger buns at Whole Foods. Where should I find them in Plano or Dallas??? Cannot wait to buy them!!!!

  7. Lynn says:

    Thank Heavens first of all for Udi and their collective vision to create these products. It was a “great” day when I found Udi’s!

    The Hamburger Bun is “great!”

    If you haven’t tried Udi’s “Raisin Bread,” then you are missing an awesome product!

  8. Amanda G. says:

    I really wish they’d get rid of the cultured corn syrup! The breads and bagels tasted SO much better before they started using it. They told me it was because people complained that it spoiled too fast. Put it in the freezer! Toasting or microwaving it for just a bit thawed it out just fine, no matter how long it had been in there.

    After the addition of corn syrup, I found the products to be stiff, tasteless, dry . . . no matter what I put on them. Not keen on the “resistant corn starch” either. Especially if it’s from genetically modified corn.

    I’ll stick with Schar’s hamburger buns and keep on with the bunless hot dog.

  9. Jennifer says:

    I’ll just cut the hot dog into two and put it on a bun :)

  10. Janine says:

    So, I can live more , cause Udi´s is doing great things to us.

    Where can I find im Miami- Fla ? Please give me the adress.

  11. Judith Rini says:

    Are the hot dog buns available in Clermont, Winter Garden area of Florida? (close to Orlando)

  12. Sylvia says:

    How long did you nuke it in the microwave?

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