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Food for Life Gluten Free English Muffins, Multi Seed

April 22, 2010 by  
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Have you been missing the nooks and crannies of your old favorite English Muffins and been looking in vain for a great Gluten Free replacement? Look no further!

I have tried several brands of English Muffins that ranged from poor to pretty good, but I finally found that GREAT English Muffin I’ve been hoping for! Food for Life Multi Seed Gluten Free English Muffins.

I had one yesterday with raspberry preserves and couldn’t believe how great it was! You really would not ever guess it was gluten free! While I was enjoying it with the preserves, I couldn’t help but think it would make the perfect hamburger bun, so that was on tonight’s menu. Everyone agreed that it was the best gluten free hamburger bun solution we have found to date – and we have tried just about everything! It would make an awesome breakfast sandwich or a fantastic quick personal pizza as well. Don’t over toast it, though, because it can get too crispy.

From their website: “Food for Life products are made with filtered water and are kosher-certified. Behind each Food for Life product are countless hours of research where we’ve developed exclusive baking processes to ensure proper moisture levels, texture and maximum flavor without losing vital nutrients and important natural fiber. No conditioners, additives, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives are ever used.”

These are new, and although I found them in the freezer case of my local health food store, I can’t even find them on the Food for Life website. I have listed the ingredients from the box.

Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice Flour, Filtered Water, Organic Tapioca Flour, Potato Starch, Fresh Yeast, Organic Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds,  Organic Sesame Seeds, Organic Sunflower Seeds, Sea Salt, Vegetable Gum (Xanthan Cellulose)

Check their Store Finder for a store near you. I am unable to find them online as of today, but hopefully very soon!

Gluten Freeville Product Reviews: Products are either purchased by us or sent to us for sampling. If we don’t LOVE it, you won’t see it reviewed here. No money is ever accepted in exchange for a product review. The sole purpose of our product reviews is to introduce you to great new products we have found as a resource to you, the reader.


13 Responses to “Food for Life Gluten Free English Muffins, Multi Seed”
  1. YESSS! Thank You so much for sharing this. Every now and again, I do crave the whole-laden goodness of an authentic English Muffin. And the ones I’ve tried have been, well, strange to say the least. Look forward to sinking my teeth into this one :)

  2. danie says:

    I just bought these, can’t wait to try them. The one thing I have missed the most since being dx 7 years ago is english muffins.

  3. Mike says:

    I found these at Whole Foods here in Denver. They’ve become a staple in my diet now. Very good, nice to be able to make myself a ham and cheese mcmuffin.

  4. Liz Ellis says:

    They are wonderful. We too found them at Whole Foods. We even ust them for sandwich rolls or even hamburger rolls.

  5. Kim Schultz says:

    I like these very much. They seem to need extra toasting as they are very thick & chewy but the texture and flavor is definitely there.

  6. Rz says:

    Thanks for responding. Sorry but these don’t even come close. I’ve a packet in the freezer waiting for you, if you like them, lol. Ate 1/8 of one & just couldn’t stand them – I like light, crusty, crunchy bread, not chewee, what a fussy face!

  7. Lynn C says:

    Been eating gluten free for several years, and I find FFL Gluten Free English Muffins to be the the best. I’ve become addicted to one every morning with peanut butter and a banana on the side. It starts the day out right–feeling full, not stuffed, and energized. Perhaps someone used to refined white flour breads with high sugar content might find these a bit too chewy at first. It can take some time to adjust to seeds and whole grains. But anyone already eating and loving whole grains and giving up highly sweetened commercial breads should adore them.

  8. I found this gl-english muffins at the Raisin Rack in North Canton/Ohio. It is one of the best foods I have found yet! I buy as many as they have. Usually4-6 at a time. They are Great!! I am sick of gluten free- dry foods that I choke on. I am going to try more of the “Food for Life” products. I am impressed! Thanks so much for such a good product.

  9. Johannah says:

    If this is the best there is for a gluten-free muffin,I am very disappointed. The only thing I could say was tasteful or good about this product was the butter I used on it. My impression is that it is a gooey, glutenous glob of a mess pretending to be an english muffin. I toasted it a few times, and it was barely tolerable because it had turned crunchy. I tried to use it for french toast and it would barely soak up any of the egg/milk mixture. I consider this product to be a bomb, unless you are desperate for a gluten-free product. Personally, I would rather do without!

  10. Linda Vinson says:

    A friend served us these English muffins recently. They are the best I’ve tasted. They are full of flavor and turn out great if you toast them longer than usual. They also have a lot of fiber, which is hard to find in many GF foods. Tired of “styrofoam” bread. But I can ‘t find this multi-seed type in any store. Hope they will be stocked everywhere soon.

  11. Kris says:

    I absolutely LOVE these English muffins!! Our local grocery store carried them up until about a month ago. Now I can’t find them anywhere


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