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Gluten Free Holiday Gift Guide 2011

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Here are some of great gluten free products and do it yourself ideas that make great gifts – either on their own, or as part of DIY gift baskets for your gluten free friends and loved ones. (Links are in purple type)

Gift Baskets (pre-made)

Google Gluten Free Gift Baskets and you get tons of results. Here are three.

Amazon Gluten Free Gift Baskets
Surprised that you can get these on Amazon? I was. Lots of options! Spend some time browsing for premade gift baskets if you’re not quite sure what to put together to make up your own.

I Can Have That! Gluten Free & Allergy Friendly Gift Baskets
This site has great gluten free gift baskets and then search on other allergens you are trying to avoid. Check out their special holiday baskets and get free shipping for December:

Gluten Smart Gift Baskets
Order Gluten Free/Kosher by midnight December 9th for Hannukkah delivery, and your Gluten Free gift basket by midnight December 16th for Christmas delivery, including a Gluten Free/Casein choice for kids.

Gift Sets

Mariposa Baking Company
Mariposa Baking Company from the San Francisco Bay Area has some gorgeous and delicious gift sets. Their packaging is beautiful, but doesn’t promise more than it can deliver. These are some of my favorite gluten free and gift worthy baked goods!

C-Dub’s BBQ Rub
Here’s a fun gift set for that gluten free man in your life – or anyone who likes to BBQ. These award winning rubs are gluten free, all natural, organic, MSG free, and preservative free. If you’ve shopped for spice mixes or meat rubs, you know it’s difficult to find a healthy, gluten free version! They claim that many vegetarians use these products as an all-purpose seasoning, too. The combo pack includes 1-4 oz VooDoo Rub (BBQ Rub with a Kick), 1-4 oz C-Dub’s Original Rub, 1-4 oz C-Dub’s Hot Wang Rub (Hot)

Gluten Free Kookiez & Kakez (Canada Only)
My Canadian friends complain that too few companies ship to them – so here’s one just for you! These folks have some cool Christmas sample packs nice for stocking stuffers, kid’s gifts, or for including in your own gift basket. These would make great teacher gifts if you have a gluten free teacher, too! They ONLY ship in Canada right now.

Helping Hands Bakery
I love the mission of this gluten free bakery. Its founder is the mom of three boys with autism. She wanted to be sure her boys could be self reliant with meaningful work, and help others with special needs in the community to have training and jobs as well. They sent me each of their cookie flavors to try and my two favorites are the yummy Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites and Snickerdoodles. They have several great gift sets that would be great for your gluten free friends. Find their Gluten Free Fresh Baked Goods at Whole Foods Markets CO, UT, NM, KS or order online.


Daisy Blue Naturals
This is a natural skin care company, making gluten free cosmetics, lotions, bath salts, soaps and more. Here’s the Daisy Blue Promise, “No parabens or other artificial preservatives, No phthalates, No artificial fragrances, No sulfates, sulfites, or phosphates, No silicones, paraffin or mineral oils, Cruelty free products, Gluten free.” I’ve been told that this stuff is safe enough to be ingested, and it certainly smells good enough to eat – but don’t. The Shea Butter Soap is awesome, but they sent me 20 or 30 samples of different products that are all great . . . Stocking stuffers, gift baskets, or just a bag full of soaps or bath salts – it all makes fun gifts. Click the “Products” Tab at the top of their page to see all the available products.

Great Stocking Stuffers! Gluten Free, All Natural, Organic, Fair Trade ingredients, Certified Vegan & Raw, HURRAW lip balms are made in small batches and infused with things like raw seeds, pods, fruit zests, barks and roots for flavor and natural color. They come in a raw cotton bag, which is actually a tea bag for your loose leaves, and in recyclable tubes – leaving no waste and very much cute, fun packaging. Of the 18 flavors, Chai Spice, Green Tea, Vanilla Bean, & Black Cherry (with a hint of red tint) are the ones I order for my female friends and family. Visit the HURRAW web site to order some or to read more about this cool product. Or check here to see if it’s sold near you.

Do It Yourself Gluten Free Food Gifts

Visit Jules’ Gluten Free Cookie Swap on Facebook! Get tons of great new recipes to put in a pretty box or tin and submit some of your own for a chance to win great prizes.

DIY Cookie Gift Jars
Gather some large jars and layer with dry cookie ingredients from your favorite gluten free cookie recipe. Print up a nice tag on the computer with the wet ingredients listed and baking instructions. You can do this nicely with a gluten free cookie mix if you have a favorite as well. Pour it in a jar and add the chips or M&M’s in as a layer and just leave out the wet stuff.

Rice Krispie Treat Snowballs
I found this fun recipe on a non-gluten free blog. All you need to do is substitute the regular Rice Krispies for the new Gluten Free Rice Krispies and it’s gluten free. The recipe calls for White Chocolate Candy Melts and Wilton assured me in an email that all their candy melts are gluten free. If you use sprinkles on the outside as they did in the photo, check labels to make sure your sprinkles don’t contain wheat.

Peppermint Stick Hot Cocoa
Cute gift! Can be made in individual jars or a few servings in a larger jar.

Root Deer
Love this fun idea – ½ craft, and ½ drink and easy enough to do with your little children and great for neighbor or friend gifts. All IBC products are gluten free by claims of the company, but you can do this on any drink, including gluten free beer for your over 21 friends.

Here’s a whole web site of fudge recipes! Easy to make and mostly gluten free, fudge makes a nice gift! Check your ingredients to make sure none of the add-ins are gluten containing (such as cookies), wrap in a cool box or tin, and you have a thoughtful homemade gift.

Chex Mix
Put together a tin of your favorite gluten free Chex Mix or Muddy Buddies, or try an adventurous, new recipe. Here are a bunch.

Peppermint Bark
Here’s just one recipe of this great Holiday favorite. Here are 3 more variations that can even be dairy free: Pretzel-Pecan Bark, Dried Fruit and Pistachio Bark, and Candy Can Bark.

DIY Gift Baskets
Gather your own favorite gluten free products and grab a large basket from the dollar store or craft store and you’ve got a great personalized gift. Some good ideas are:

  • Italian Food Lover’s Gift Basket – Various Tinkyada (my favorite) Pastas: Large Shells, Lasagna noodles, Penne, etc, Against the Grain Baguettes, Bottled Sauces, Bottle of Wine, Italian music CD
  • Cookie Lover’s Basket – Some boxes of your favorite gluten free cookies and mixes, cookie scoop, mixing bowl, measuring spoons/cups
  • Runner’s/Hiker’s Basket – Some of your favorite gluten free power bars, reusable water bottle, sport socks, gluten free trail mix with nuts, seeds, raisins, etc.
  • BBQ Lover’s Basket – Rudi’s, Udi’s or Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free Buns, C-Dub’s Rubs (above), BBQ tools

Hostess Gift
The perfect hostess gift as far as I’m concerned: Pamela’s Products Gluten Free Coffee Cake or New York Cheesecake. Yum! Wrap it up in some pretty red cellophane with a festive bow. If you come to my house, bring them both!

Books & Magazines

Click here to see my book & magazine suggestions for the holidays!

Here are a few facebook friend gift suggestions:

Callie: “I would recommend Zum bars, an amazing soap made by Indigo Wild. All are gluten free, exception being the oatmeal bar. They are one of my favorite daily indulgences, and I was so relieved to know I could still use them after being diagnosed Celiac. Their fragrances are amazing, leaving the whole bathroom scented of them. I’m a ginger with extremely sensitive skin and they don’t dry nor irritate.”
Gabrielle: “I’m the author of a children’s Gf cookbook that makes a great family gift: The Kitchen Classroom

Michele: “If it must be food, make it dark Dove chocolate!
For friends GF or not, we prefer to give tickets or gift cards to places that they would like to visit or shop but normally don’t due to cost, like a museum, show or specialty shop.”

Donna: “I made some coconut clusters that require no baking. I call them clusters due to the fact I could not shape into balls. They are delish and gluten free.”
Recipe: Bake free Coconut Clusters

  • 1/2 cup cocoa
  • 3 cups of unsweetened shredded coconut
  • 3/4 cup coconut oil I also added a small amount of coconut crystals
  • 1/2 cup agave

Combine the dry ingredients
Add the agave and coconut oil.
Mix well
I used a small ice cream scoop and made clusters on a sheet and freeze for a minimum of 30 minutes. Best kept either frozen or refrigerated.

Very tasty my 8 year old said yummm these are good and they are what, healthy??

Christina: “A must have on the Christmas List is a bag of creamy goodness cereal and a bag of granola from

Chrissy: “I know a great Christmas idea…check out….they offer all Gluten free samples and coupons in cute carepack’s!! Valued at over $120 for only $19.99!!”

Freddie: “Look to your local crafters and artists for unique gifts – these wonderful people have talents you wouldn’t believe, also it keeps the money in your town helping all.”

Any more gluten free gift ideas? Add them in the comment section below.





8 Responses to “Gluten Free Holiday Gift Guide 2011”
  1. Dawn says: has a great gluten free and allergy free cookbook! When our children were diagnosed with multiple food allergies this was a life saver! There is a new ebook called good and easy eats too that is gf and allergy Great gifts for the gf crowd :-)

  2. Carey G says: gluten free gift boxes!

    They currently have a great selection of holiday boxes – including Suss Sweets Vanilla Caramels with Sea Salt, Emily G’s jams of love, and many other small batch and unique gluten free foods! Everything on the site is gluten free!!! (AND has style :) )

  3. Chuck Riddell says:

    My family received a Helping Hands Bakery Gluten Free Goodie Gift Pack and it was DELISH!! My favorite is the Papa’s GF Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar!! I’m not even officially following a gluten free diet and I had no idea these were gluten-wheat free until my daughter told me. Just my two cents ;-) Chuck

  4. Katheryn Frame says:

    I love the Boulder Bars from Helping Hands Bakery…..absolutely delightful! I highly recommend them to everyone, even if you don’t follow a GF diet. I also love the mission of Helping Hands Bakery, it is working to make a positive impact in this world for people with special needs, and we can all get on board with that:) Thanks HHB for all you are doing!

  5. Rachel says:

    I certainly enjoy Helping Hands Bakery products. I love their Papa’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars! All so yummy. Even the convenience of the Boulder Bars and Cran/Flax cookies for a breakfast out the door helps me.
    They really do take care of shipping the product. Very happy.

  6. jen says:

    thanks for this great list!!! here are some other great gluten free items that are nutrient dense too!


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